SEO (search Engine Optimization)


    Before knowing about SEO types let’s just first understand what is SEO, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization & it is a technique to boost up the quality traffic of website/ Web Page from the search Engines. 

    By good SEO network traffic divert to the Website/Web Page in a natural or organic way rather than paid or direct way. Traffic in a natural way, organically can be searching from different type of contents like videos, texts, images over the internet. 

    SEO is technical way to optimizing a Website/Web page to make it at high rank in Yahoo, Google or any other search Engine results, in other words a Website/Web Page more likely to be encounter when a user searches over the internet. 

    Types/Techniques of SEO’s

Mainly there are following major Types/Techniques of SEO’s,

1. White-Hat SEO (Ethically) 

SEO of a Website/Webpage in an Ethical way, i.e. full fil the terms and condition of most popular search engine including Google. Its boost up website ranking on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page) while regulating integrity of Website/Web page with the search engine’s terms of service. 

2. Black-Hat SEO (Non-Ethical) 

 It exploits loopholes in search engine algorithms to rank a Website/Web page higher in search results. For rapid racking of a Website/Web page Paid Link-Building, Stuffing of Keywords used but it affect credibility of Website/Web page if detected by Google.   

3. Gray-Hat SEO 

It not falls in category of Black-Hat SEO nor in Black-Hat SEO but in between. It protect Website/Web page to ban form search engines. In other words contents that published in accordance with gray-hat SEO remains ill-defined. 

4. On-Page SEO

In this, contents of the page are partially optimized by use of web page HTML Title Tags. Images and any element on the page to rank the Website/Web page. 

5. Off-Page SEO

Advertising of a website/web page on social media to gets  valuable reviews on different forums

6. Technical SEO

Method use to assist Google’s bots better way for indexing, interpreting and crawling the website/web page. Like using extensive XML Sitemap, mobile friendly.